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Logimove In English:


 We think, you move.

 We provide companies and organizations with high quality training and consulting services. We organize topical trainings e.g. related to foreign trade, logistics and warehouse safety.


 Logimove UKA

Foreign trade consists of optional training modules for experienced foreign trade professionals. We also offer trainings for beginners in foreign trade. The module topics include, for example, foreign trade contracts, or export and import duties. Modules related to foreign trade documentation and terminology are available in our services.


Logimove LIVE

Health, safety and security with analysis of working process. Logistics and warehouse safety includes training and solutions for logistics equipment, in-house logistics and safety. E.g. forklift driver training and corridor safety are integral part of the training. The safety aspects are integrated in the content of various modules. The trainings also include modules studied in our live environment.


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